Kick yourself in the face, Brendan.

–Winston, Ignite Me

Winston is a former Omega Point member. He has the ability to stretch out any part of his body as long he wants, such as the ability to "bend himself into a pretzel". In Unravel Me, Juliette claims that she thinks Winston is some sort of genius but she isn't sure. Winston and Alia designed Juliette's suit and quite possibly her knuckle braces.
General Information
Name Winston
Nicknames Blondie (by Juliette)
Occuppation Omega Point Member (former)
Status Alive
Physical Information
Gender Male
Nationality North American
Hair Sandy-blonde
Affiliation Resistance
Other information
Ability Flexibility
Appearances Shatter Me
Unravel Me
Ignite Me
Restore Me


Winston is seen after Adam is taken away from Juliette and she faints. He asks her question about herself like her eye colour to which Juliette responds she doesn't know. He then says that they have a suit for he that will cover all her skin and protect people from her.

Winston and Brendan are kidnapped, and they aren't seen much throughout the book. However in the end they are rescued, but Omega Point is bombed.

When Juliette returns to Adams house with Kenji after he found her by the rubble of Omega point with Warner, he opens the door and asks if he's hallucinating. When Kenji responds that he is not hallucinating, Winston opens the door. After that Winston is one of the first few people to agree to join Juliette.



Winston seems to be an awkward character who does his best to try and help, and apparently has a background in psychology. He wishes that he could help out more, despite being intelligent and having a unique ability. Later on, Winston is friendlier with Juliette and has a brave side to him.

Appearance Edit

Winston is described with sandy-blonde hair and a crooked nose. Winston also has black plastic glasses, and is said to be between the ages of 20 and 30.

Special Abilities Edit

Flexibility: Winston is able to contort and change his body at will, unhinging his joints without any resistance. This is first shown when Juliette asks what his ability is, considering that everyone at Omega Point seems to have a special ability in Shatter Me.


Trivia Edit

  • When Omega Point members snuck out to the compounds, Winston's name was Keith Hunter, age 34.
  • Winston does not think that his powers are "cool" or "useful". However Juliette disagrees strongly.
  • Winston thinks coffee is disgusting, but drinks it in order to stay awake throughout the day.
  • Winston has a background in psychology.
  • It is implied that Winston and Brendan like each other.