aka Green

  • I live in Wonderland
  • My occupation is Hogwarts Student
  • I am Male
  • TheGreenMadHatter
    Fan Casting
    Who would you cast in Shatter Me if you had the option? Who would you pick to play the Lethal Juliette? The murderous but dazzling Warner or the romantic Adam? Cast your votes here! Want to nominate a actor? Or do you just want to voice your opinion. If so, comment!

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  • TheGreenMadHatter
    Team Adam or Team Warner?
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  • TheGreenMadHatter

    Hey! So I'm TheGreenMadHatter and I thought I would say hi! So, anyway I had accidentally smashed a cup :( so I had an idea and I produced these pieces of photography based on Shatter Me. Please note, I'm not the best photographer but I thought I would share these with you. I've was so amazed when it gots quite a few notes on Tumblr!

    Please Do Not Use These Photos Without My Permission

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