General Information
Name Lily
Occuppation Omega Point Member (former)
Status Dead
Physical Information
Gender Female
Nationality North American
Hair Brown Curls
Eyes Brown
Romances Ian Sanchez (possibly)
Affiliation Resistance
Other information
Ability Photographic Memory
Appearances Unravel Me
Ignite Me
Restore Me
Lily is a secondary character in the Shatter Me series with the ability of photographic memory.


Lily helped steal cargo from the Sector using her photographic memory to remember if anything was left behind, arranged correctly, and also as a guide to remember codes.

In Ignite Me, Lily is the one of the surviving Omega Point members. She and the members are staying at Adam's house until they agree to train with Warner.



Lily is a fairly talkative girl. Kenji, when asking about girls in the Sector, says he, Lily, and Alia are like brother and sisters; he could never date them if he tried to. He also mentions how Lily "cusses like a sailor", but Lily immediately denies this fact. Lily's very sarcastic, as seen when she pretends to forget Alia exists because she rarely speaks.


She pretty brown eyes, and has short, brown, and curly hair.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Photographic Memory: Lily has the ability to take photographic pictures with her mind, enabling her to remember important and specific details.



  • Lily is very energetic and talkative.
  • She died during the symposium