The relationship between Juliette Ferrars and Aaron Warner.


Juliette and Warner first met when she's brought on to Sector 45's Army Base after having spent three years in an Asylum.[1] Warner is very warped in his sense of interactions with her, proving to be very antagonizing towards Juliette, yet in some moments being rather open with her.[2]

Juliette tried to figure out her feelings for him, but took her time in doing so because she was worried of what Adam Kent and everyone else might think of her.[3] For some time, Juliette was disgusted about wanting to be with Warner.[citation needed] She ignored the fact until much later,[4] but was still insecure about her feelings towards Adam.

Adam yelled at Juliette because she defended Warner, talking about the person he was when Warner was with her.[5] Freed from Adam, Juliette finally realized her true feelings for Warner; due to the fact that she can control her lethal touch, therefore realizing that she did not just love Warner because he could touch her. Warner and Juliette started having a relationship since the two of them shared a bed after Juliette found out she has her ability perfectly under control.[6]


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