I only know now that the scientists are wrong. The world is flat. I know because I was tossed right off the edge and I've been trying to hold on for 17 years. I've been trying to climb back up for 17 years but it's nearly impossible to beat gravity when no one is willing to give you a hand.

–Juliette, Shatter Me

Juliette Ferrars / Ella Sommers
General information
Name Juliette Ferrars / Ella Sommers
Age 17
Nicknames Psycho Chick (by Kenji)
Hot Hands (by Kenji)
Jazz Hands (by Kenji)
Princess (by Kenji)
J. (by Kenji)
Love (by Warner)
Sweetheart (by Warner)
My Dear (by Warner)
Ms. Ferrars (by Castle)
Girl (by Nazeera)
Occupation Leader of Rebellion
Asylum Patient (former)
Omega Point Member (former)

Supreme Commander of Sector 45 (former)

Status Alive
Physical information
Gender Female
Height 5'3"
Hair Dark Brown Buzzcut
Eyes Blue-Green (Described to look like the globe)
Romances Aaron Warner (boyfriend)
Adam Kent (ex-boyfriend)
Family Evelyn Ferrars (adoptive mother)
Eric Ferrars (adoptive father)
Evie Sommers (biological mother)
Maximillian Sommers (biological father)
Emmaline (sister)
Other information
Ability Lethal Touch

Super Strength

Appearances Shatter Me
Destroy Me
Unravel Me
Fracture Me
Ignite Me
Restore Me
Juliette Ferrars is a weeabo and the main protagonist and narrator of the Shatter Me Trilogy. She has a lethal touch and was locked up in an Asylum for 264 days. 


Juliette lived with her adoptive parents Eric and Evelyn Ferrars from the age of five to fourteen. In Destroy Me, it has been revealed that Warner discovered in Juliette's notebook that her father locked her in her room every night and her mother would scream at her for being the abomination she was forced to raise. She also wrote in her journal that on her 6th birthday, her mother put her hand in a fire once just to see if it was a regular hand and if it would burn. When she was fourteen, she accidentally killed a little boy in a grocery store by her lethal touch when in actuality, she was helping him when he tripped and fell because he was chained with a collar by his mother. People believed that she choked the little boy to death and that she claims innocence by her touch. They have locked Juliette away since then.

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Juliette starts off the series as a scared, self-loathing girl, having been abused, unloved, and made to feel like a monster her entire life. During her time spent in isolation, she develops compulsions to count things and write the same words over and over, only to cross them out. After she's freed, her depression, anxiety, and compulsive behaviors persist. She struggles to trust others and has difficulty making friends, though she has a deep sense of loyalty to the few people she's close to.

When first brought to the military base at Sector 45, Juliette is repulsed by the extravagant living conditions, which she sees as theft from civilians living in poverty. She reveals a rebellious streak when she refuses the expensive clothes and hot meals provided for her, proving that she's socially conscious and unwilling to sacrifice her ethics for comfort and luxury.

Juliette experiences affection and intimacy for the first time when Adam declares his love for her. Though their eventual breakup was difficult, Juliette grows more confident and independent as a result, realizing that Adam's protectiveness was keeping her from fulfilling her potential. Though the psychological damage she's sustained doesn't go away overnight, Juliette starts to overcome her trauma and becomes more brave, ambitious, and determined to take down the Reestablishment, choosing to continue fighting despite devastating setbacks.

Though her experiences could easily have made her bitter and hateful, it's a testament to her endurance that Juliette always maintains her kindness and generosity. Despite being friendless for most of her life, she is compassionate, humble, understanding, and always willing to help people in need. She tries to help a little boy in a grocery store who's being berated by his mother, because the situation reminds her of her own mother's cruel treatment of her. Similarly, her perception of Warner changes when she realizes he's been abused by his father.


Juliette is said to be hauntingly beautiful, a fact that even Supreme Commander Anderson does not deny. She has blue-green eyes and long brown hair that falls to her waist.

Special Abilities Edit

Lethal Touch: Juliette has the ability to kill someone with her touch. Her skin acts as a defense mechanism and "sucks" the life out of someone. She receives a rush of energy as she does this. Kenji thinks of her as a venus fly trap because she attracts her prey with her striking looks and then digests their energy with a simple touch. She developed this power when she was old enough to crawl.

Super Strength: Juliette also has the power to destroy inorganic material through her superhuman touch. She has punched through concrete and steel and she can cause earthquakes by punching the ground. Juliette demonstrates the power to also crumble objects--like metal--just by squeezing it in her hands. Later in the series, she learns to project her power such that she can crush objects and even move them simply by moving her hands without touching them.

Invulnerability: Juliette is immune to physical harm (e.g. bullets) because of the nature of her power: it is derived from her very being, her bones, her blood, her skin. As long as she is in a state of electrum, her powers "on", she is invulnerable to physical harm.


Adam KentEdit

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Aaron WarnerEdit

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Kenji KishimotoEdit


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  • Juliette's birthday is on the 18th of May
  • Juliette is claustrophobic