Juliette's Notebook




Shatter Me
Destroy Me
Unravel Me
Ignite Me

 A small notebook was one out of two possessions Juliette had during her time in the Asylum, the other being a broken pen.The notebook is a documentation of her days spent in the Asylum, along with her thoughts and past. Juliette writes down all her thoughts in a random like order.  

Biography Edit

Shatter Me Edit

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Destroy Me Edit

Warner accidently finds Juliette's notebook, walking into Juliette's room at base, after she escaped with Adam. (he steps on it and realizes he forgot all about it (after having found it in Juliette's pocket, before escaping). He first of all came into the room to look for clues as to where Adam and Juliette were escaping to)

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Unravel Me Edit

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Ignite Me Edit

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Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Juliette's notebook is small enough to fit in the palm of Warner's hand and to be folded into a small crack in a wall. The notebook is rectangular in shape. It's cover is a dull shade of brown with a rough, worn surface.

Writings Edit

There is no order to the pages due to the fact that after coming to the end and realizing there was no more space, Juliette started back at the beginning, writing in the margins, over other paragraphs, in tiny illegible fonts. There are numbers scrawled all over everything, sometimes the same number repeating over and over again. Sometimes the same word has been written and rewritten, circled and underlined. Nearly every page has sentences and paragraphs almost entirely crossed out. It is described by Warner as "complete chaos".

Significance Edit

Through the entire series, Juliette's notebook serves for a base where she can write down all her thoughts. In Destroy Me, however, the notebook features as a changing point from how much pain she went through in her earlier life.

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