General Information
Name Jenkins
Age Under 28
Occuppation Soldier
Status Alive
Physical Information
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Other information
Appearances Shatter Me
Mentioned Unravel Me
Ignite Me

Jenkins is a soldier at Sector 45. He is Warner's senior. In Shatter Me, Jenkins is incapacitated once he is obliged by Warner to touch Juliette.


Warner wants to see Juliette's powers in action but because Juliette refused to touch Warner, he asks for Jenkins to touch her and accompany Juliette downstairs. He continues to explain that she is uncooperative and orders that he must not let go of her.

This causes Juliette to run away but Warner orders Jenkins to seize her, which he reluctantly does by grabbing her arm after she crumbles to the floor. He becomes incapacitated and is laying on the floor. This causes Juliette to scream and panic. Warner asks for Adam Kent, Curtis and Soledad to take care of it. Jenkins is next seen in the crowd when Warner begins his announcements to Sector 45 and asks him to step forward. Juliette is relieved to see he is okay and well. Warner then says that Jenkins had the met her last night. Juliette says that it seems no one has not already heard of Jenkins's story. Warner then continues and hopes theyĺl greet her with kindness. This Jenkins last appearance in the series and isn't seen again. However, he is mentioned in Unravel Me and Ignite Me.



Jenkins shows a little respect for Warner as he bows his head when he was summoned. He is able to follows orders but shows regret when doing so. He also seems to be against Warner's ideas however he is obliged to follow them.


Jenkins is swift for his size. He's stocky, sturdy, and packed with bulk. He is also described as having warm, brown eyes.