The Shatter Me Fandom is the fanbase of Shatter Me fans held mostly on Tumblr.


The Shatter Me fandom is held mostly on Tumblr. Many fans post book reviews on their blogs. Some decide to express their opinions while others create photo sets (edits) on their blog.


Fanfiction is a broadly defined fan labor term for stories about characters or settings written by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creator. In the fandom of Shatter Me, their is a small portion of fanfiction. With a total of 64 fanfictions on

Many fanfiction works are set after the events of the book, showing what happens after the fall of The Reestablishment. While others, are parts of the book rewritten in different characters Point of View. Most notably, Warner's POV.

Teams (Shipping)Edit

Like most fandoms, Fans of the Shatter Me series tend to take sides based on who they want to be paired with certain characters. The most famous being Team Adam and Team Warner. Your 'team' is decided by who you want to be paired with Juliette. If you want Juliette and Warner together, you might choose to support Team Warner or Warnette. While if you want Juliette and Adam together, you might choose to support Team Adam or Kerrars.

On tumblr, many decide to call their pairing (also know as ships) as a combined name. Warner/Juliette are called Warnette, while Adam/Juliette are called Kerrars. These names are generally used on tumblr.

Fan CastEdit

Many fans decide to pick actors and actresses that they would want to play the characters in a movie adaptation. This is called Fan Casting.

Many fans debate over who should cast the characters. A favourite is Hunter Parrish as Warner.

Tahereh Mafi once joked in a tweet that her ideal cast for Shatter Me would be that Justin Beiber plays all the roles. [1]



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