Eric Ferrars
General Information
Name Eric Ferrars
Status Deceased
Physical Information
Gender Male
Family Evelyn Ferrars (wife)
Juliette Ferrars (daughter)
Other information
Mentioned Shatter Me
Ignite Me
Restore Me
Eric Ferrars is the husband of Evelyn Ferrars and adoptive father of Juliette Ferrars. He never appears in the Shatter Me Series and is only mentioned.


The Reestablishment chose Evelyn and Eric Ferrars to be Juliette‘s adoptive parents because they were desperate for kids, and the Reestablishment wanted Juliette to grow up in a more natural environment to see if she had any special powers like her sister Emmaline. They were told to never tell Juliette she was adopted. Juliette’s memories were erased with a serum and were replaced with artificial memories. They adopted her when she was 6 years old.

Both Eric and Evelyn Ferrars treated Juliette inhumanly. They mentally and physically abused her. This was all part of the torture that the Reestablishment had set up for Juliette.