Hey, Winston, can you get someone to check if they have any chocolate in here?
General Information
Name Emory
Occuppation Omega Point Member (former)
Status Deceased
Fate Bombed by the Reestablishment
Physical Information
Gender Male
Nationality North American
Family Unnamed mother
Affiliation Resistance
Other information
Appearances Unravel Me

Emory was part of Omega Point and had a strong love for chocolate.


Emory is shown once only when stealing supplies from the Reestablishment with the rest of the assembly team. He asks Winston if there was any chocolate left in the boxes, and Winston makes fun of Emory for asking. He defends himself by informing him that the chocolate was for his mother, not him, but Winston replies by saying that he's never seen his mother eat it before, implying that Emory is the one who actually wants it.

Characteristics Edit

Personality Edit

Emory is described as always smiling by Juliette. He also seems to have a dirty sense of humour; he and Winston were talking inappropriately about how flexible Winston is. He is has no special gift, like Ian.

Appearance Edit

Juliette notices how Emory is super tall and bulky. His hair is in a big afro that frequently falls into his eyes.