Emmaline Sommers
General Information
Name Emmaline Sommers
Age 18
Status Alive (barely)
Physical Information
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Nationality Oceanian
Hair Long Brown Waves
Family Juliette Ferrars (sister)

Evie Sommers (mother) Maximillian Sommers (father)

Other information
Ability Psychokinesis
Mentioned Restore Me

Emmaline Sommers is the daughter of the Supreme Commander of Oceania and the older sister of Juliette Ferrars.


She has been held in captivity by the Reestablishment for 12 years for experimentation after her parents' discovery of her ability. Warner oversaw her torture for 2 years previous to becoming Chief Commander and Regent of Sector 45. Every day, for undisclosed purposes, she would be placed in a water tank with wires under her skin and an air tube down her throat. Warner described how she had been underwater for so many years that she barely resembled a person. Her flesh was white and shriveled, and her mouth was stretched out in an O shape. She was allowed short breaks, and during these breaks she would beg Warner for mercy, which he never gave her.

It is mentioned that Emmaline is a crucial piece of the Reestablishment. In Anderson's letter to the Sommers that Juliette finds in her desk at the end of Restore Me, he explains that Emmaline's memory, like Juliette's, has been expunged. There are also several polaroids of her and her sister together.

Characteristics Edit

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

It was described by Warner that Emmaline was so unrecognizable from being underwater for so many years that she barely resembled a human anymore. Her mouth was stretched out into an O, and her skin was white and shriveled. Juliette also described Emmaline to be skinny, she uncovered this information from the polaroids that were found at the end of Restore Me.

Special Abilities Edit

  • Psychokinesis

Relationships Edit

It is suggested that Emmaline and her younger sister, Juliette were close during early childhood and learned to ride their bikes without training wheels with Nazeera, the daughter of the Supreme Commander of Asia.