Your powers make you functionally invincible.

–Alia, Ignite Me

Alia is a shy, quiet Omega Point member and has a soft spot for designing.  
General Information
Name Alia
Occuppation Omega Point Member (former)
Status Deceased
Physical Information
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Other information
Appearances Unravel Me
Fracture Me
Ignite Me
Restore Me


Alia first appears in Unravel Me. She retrieves Juliette's holster and gloves for her mission to visit Anderson, but isn't mentioned afterwards.

Alia is one of the nine survivors left out of more than a hundred people who lived in Omega Point. Along with Kenji, Adam, James, Lily, Brendan, Castle, Winston and Ian she hides in the home Adam built for James. James pairs her with Kenji when he challenges him to 'Find a lady in this crappy sector' and to which Kenji refuses and says that she is like a sister to him. She is the first person to speak and support Juliette after her speech. Alia develops a small crush on Adam.



Alia is a shy teenage girl; she is much like Juliette when she first came out of her cell in the asylum; shy, quiet, and reserved. She becomes very enthusiastic when explaining her inventions.


Alia has blonde hair and soft brown eyes, she is also very frail and skinny

Special AbilitiesEdit

Tailoring: Alia is gifted in making clothing with special purposes. They are each designed individually for each person. Juliette's jumpsuit was made by Alia as well as her gloves. Juliette describes her gloves as "incredible" and she said she loved her holster and everything else Alia made for her.