The relationship between Adam Kent and Juliette Ferrars.


Adam had known Juliette since they were still in school.[citation needed] He had been searching for her since she was locked. In the army, Adam figured out that he could touch Juliette, and the two start a relationship. However, Juliette said that she only had a relation with him because he was the first one who was nice to her and she was desperate about the thought that he could touch her. Later, they grow apart and Juliette breaks up with him because she wants to protect him since they found out about Adam's ability. She states that she never ran away for "them", she ran away so she could be free. Even when she realizes she and Adam have their abilities under control, she does not get back together with him because she says there would have been problems between them later on, regardless of the fact that she was in love with Warner. Adam was brokenhearted by their separation, but realizes that she has changed, and is no longer the shy, quiet girl that needs to be protected, and soon begins to accept the truth.


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