This thread is for Admins User:Beeper100 and User:Aaron Warner-Perfection; please let me know what you girls think.

Since I do really see myself as a janitor for I cannot actually help improving the content on this wiki, I take my self-appointed job quite seriously; as you may have noticed, I've move onto the task of renaming files so it is easier to identify what they are (hopefully), and because the majority of the images I came across so far are all traceable to DeviantArt, I decided to simply use whatever they were titled on that platform plus the artist's account. I've being doing it for a while, until I came to the sense that, the majority of the fan art also happened to be the works by .

My question is this: True, I've come to recognize that not EVERYONE has the moral compass or feel the need of common courtesy for asking permission, but since I'm one of those people who do, I need to ask, did either of you asked her about it before posting a ton load of her stuff? Hear me out. Sure, you've credited who those images were by, and honestly, that is already a lot better than what's happening on a lot of other places, but it's still not the same as actually being granted to upload them by the creator.

Why is this my concern and thought it's worth bringing up? Because I've already spent time renaming the files, and I felt extremely silly for NOT questioning this beforehand: What if the creator somehow finds out her images are used here without her permission, and demands them to be removed? Should this unfortunately happen, basically all the renaming actions I did was a waste of time (which is why until this issue is resolved, I will be working on something else). This is entirely possible, for not long ago someone came forward to the (now worryingly inactive) head Admin of tLCW, and expressed how displeased they were as apparently the said Admin had uploaded a personal photograph of the person's bookshelf without notifying them or their permission.

TBH, I thought it was rather embarrassing for it (the act of reposting something without permission) to even happen in the first place, and I would like to hope it doesn't come to that here, which is why better late than never: If one of you did in fact already get the go-ahead, please reply so that I don't have to worry. If neither of you did, well, you both are Admins, that means you have more or less the responsibility to take care of what's happening on this wiki. Since both of you have one point uploaded her images, I think it's safe to assume you girls found her images by some means.

I do not have a Tumblr account personally, and consequently barely know how to navigate on the site (due to the never-ending various themes) but it seems to me that if was this person tumblr, according to, it's deactivated. I have no idea how that works on tumblr, so I don't know if this person is actually still on that platform but just changed the url or something (like I said, I don't understand tumblr). However if that's the case, since it seems to be a source where you guys found her images, I hope you guys can contact here there and properly ask for her consent.

If Tumblr is absolutely out of the question, I have located what's supposedly her Twitter and her Goodreads account. Let me know about the situation; because I think the info is more private, I will PM it to you girls on Goodreads so that one of you can proceed.

Another reason why I feel like bringing it up, because on tLCW, some fan artists actually came to the wiki and uploaded their artworks themselves! This wiki is supposedly the most resourceful, if not the one and only, Wikia wiki for this series. And there are still a lot of stub pages. I am not pressuring you guys to work on them, we all have RL to deal with, however, I think it's obvious that it doesn't hurt to have new editors helping out. By asking her permission, maybe you'd introduce her to this wiki that she has never known existed; besides, she is seemingly quite popular around this fandom, and could be a good influence and bring in more people.

Please let me know what's going on. Perhaps one of you did already get her permission, meaning, I just wasted time writing the lengthy thing above, but I really do think it is an important matter and felt the need of posting this regardlessly.